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We are a New Mexico based group of individual accredited angel investors focused on investing in early-stage companies in New Mexico and across the country. Over $13 million invested since 1999.  Our mission is to provide opportunities where our members can obtain outstanding financial returns while accelerate companies to market leadership.

We are a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization with a volunteer board of directors.

We have quarterly dinner meetings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


The President of the New Mexico Angels is a part-time, contract-based position. The current President is John Chavez.

The current President is an active angel investor that receives a small monthly stipend. He invests at the same terms and conditions as the NM Angels members that invest in our deals. Mr. Chavez has been an angel investor since 2003.

Among his portfolio companies that are New Mexico Angels funded include: Comet Solutions, Holochip, Protein Genomics, Vista Therapuetics, The Retail Planet.Com, The TeaSpot, New Mexico Mezzanine Capital Partners, Compressus, Lotus Leaf Coatings(co-founded), Matrix Bio, Preferred Produce, and New Mexico Start-Up Factory. Among his non-New Mexico portfolio companies include: Satirical Media LLC, Financial Management Systems Inc.. Phase One Ventures Partners LLC, Phase One Ventures Fund One LLP., ATOF Inc., Tafoya and Brianerd Partners LLC, Desert Sidecar II, LLC and Enchanted Capital Corporation.

He has had positive exits from New Mexico Angels investments, including: Acoustic Cytometry Systems and two companies that exited but can not be disclosed. Among his non-New Mexico angels investment positive exits include: Financial Management Systems.

Among his New Mexico Angel funded portfolio companies that have failed include: One Connect IP, CashStream, Gourmet Pet Supply and Knowledge Reef, 4Blox.

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