ABQ Journal: One on One with John Chavez

NMA President John Chavez was interviewed by Jessica Dyer today to give readers a background on the organization’s leader. Everything from fun facts about his favorite foods, to the time he worked in a silver mine in Idaho. Below are a few paragraphs from the article. Full article can be found at: http://www.abqjournal.com/482782/biz/one-on-one-with-john-chavez.html

“John Chavez sees opportunity everywhere.

At 16, he saw it down the street. He used his father’s lawn mower to launch a neighborhood lawn-care operation, one he grew into a five-employee outfit that manicured yards across Albuquerque.

At 19, he found the silver lining in lost business. When loyal customers started moving away, Chavez became a real estate agent to shepherd them through the home-sale process.

And when Chavez failed during his first stab at college – he was too busy working to attend classes at University of New Mexico – he seized the chance to take an out-of-state job offer. He moved to Idaho to help with a client’s fledgling silver mine, where he started as a laborer and wound up running the operation within 1½ years.”

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