Editorial: UNM tech projects get the gift of angel wings

Thanks to all who attended the STC.UNM and New Mexico Angels Technology Showcase. The Albuquerque Journal’s Editorial Board wrote a fantastic piece on the event.

Fledgling medical and engineering breakthroughs are getting wings that could allow them to take off on a path to commercial success.

Four projects developed by University of New Mexico researchers recently received support from New Mexico Angels, investors who pool resources and provide venture capital funding for startup companies. And a nationally recognized pioneer in the search for cancer-fighting therapies is backing new technology developed at UNM and Sandia National Laboratories.

At a tech showcase last week, UNM researchers unveiled three new drugs and a new process for etching silicon wafers (see abqjournal.com/314538).

One, a stroke therapy drug, if developed and taken to market, has potential to not only lessen brain damage from stroke but in the long run could help control medical costs that arise from the long-term care of stroke victims. A second medical project would turn some cancer drugs into medicine to fight tumors and warts caused by human papilloma viruses, and the third is a new treatment for chronic pain that eliminates the use of addictive drugs such as morphine.

The joint UNM/Sandia project would use “protocells” to direct chemotherapy drugs directly at cancerous cells without harming healthy tissues (see abqjournal.com/316517).

Congratulations to UNM for work that is attracting “angels,” both local and from elsewhere. These ideas hold the promise of making the world a better place.

This editorial first appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. It was written by members of the editorial board and is unsigned as it represents the opinion of the newspaper rather than the writers.

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