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$2.3 billion is spent annually in research in New Mexico annually, however, very little of that results in start-up companies, and of those that do result, very few stay in the State. Albuquerque has an emerging entrepreneurial culture and a number of incubators, accelerators, and educational programs designed to help start-ups, yet there is still a gap between the lab and start-ups.

To bridge this gap, we created  Start-Up Factory™ I & II.  Start-Up Factory™ has created an innovative model in which we accelerate companies to directly commercialize technologies. To do so, we take technologies directly from the research institutions, work with the scientists, validate the technology and market, find the right management team create a new de-risked, investable technology company that will stay in New Mexico.

By The Numbers:

  • 7 companies launched from Start-Up Factory™ I (founded in 2011)
  • 3 companies from Start-Up Factory™ II (founded in 2015)
  • Over $5 Million in private capital raised by companies
  • 100% of companies are from and are still located in New Mexico
  • Model is being recognized nationally

NOTE: The Start-Up Factory™ has been funded by a few members of the New Mexico Angels.

Our innovative model has been recognized nationally – see the Inc Magazine feature article.

Some of Our Portfolio Companies


Lotus Leaf

Zocere Pharmaceuticals

Dynamic Photonics



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