Governor Martinez Encourages Angel Investment in State of the State Address

The New Mexico Legislative Session was kicked off yesterday by Governor Martinez’s State of the State address. In her speech Martinez mentioned the need for high tech jobs and angel investment. The Angel Tax Credit is on the table again, and we will be working to extend the features of the bill. Thank you Governor Martinez for your support of high-tech jobs in New Mexico and for recognizing the importance of Angel Investors!!

“We need to make New Mexico a high-tech jobs leader as well. After all, we have all the necessary pieces – national labs, our bases, high-tech companies, and quality universities. But the good ideas being worked on at our labs and universities right here in New Mexico need to be brought to the marketplace here as well. So our kids who dream of becoming scientists can be educated at our universities, and then take what they learn to create New Mexico jobs. We can make that happen, through the Technology Research Collaborative.

And we need stronger incentives for the creation of technology jobs, and more private investment, by Angel investors, in high-tech start-up companies all over the state.

Helping small businesses grow, attracting companies and jobs from elsewhere, and making New Mexico a high-tech jobs leader – that’s how you create a more diverse economy and a stronger private sector. Of course, we also need to build a stronger foundation for economic growth – in particular, better infrastructure and a talented workforce.”

Read her full speech

Watch the Full State of the State Address

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