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New Mexico Angels’ mission is to provide opportunities where its members can obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage companies in New Mexico and the Southwest Region and accelerating them to market leadership. We work with the venture capital community and angel groups in the Southwestern area.

New Mexico Angels (NMA) was formed in the Spring of 1999 to invest in New Mexico-based high growth potential early stage and seed companies. (Originally incorporated as New Mexico Private Investors, Inc., the name changed in 2006.) NMA is not a venture fund, and it does not make direct investments; it does, however, serve as an intermediary between its members and potential investment opportunities. It’s members make direct investments through the vehicle of NMA. NMA negotiates the terms of the deal, the entrepreneur then agrees to those terms (or negotiates further), and then the members decide to invest (or not).

Because of the risk involved in such investments, our returns must be commensurate. Our members come from diverse business and investment backgrounds so are able to provide contacts, mentoring, and other assistance in growing businesses, including serving on boards and team building. The capital received should be considered “value added” capital, and it will rarely come in as cash alone – advice and discussion should also be expected.

NMA is a member in good standing of the Angel Capital Association, recently formed by the Kauffman Foundation. This is the national alliance of Angel Investing Groups, and at least one of our members routinely attends the national conference. We have active links with other angel groups in the Southwest so that we are knowledgeable and capable of providing the first round of funding prior to Strategic Corporate or Venture Capital Investments in the subsequent financings.

We also have good relations with many national venture capital firms and we assist the company in bringing in those very important next financing rounds from those firms. In fact, some members of our Board and some members of our Screening Committee are also partners of venture capital firms in New Mexico. It should be assumed that if follow-on financing is necessary and appropriate, NMA will assist in this endeavor.

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