New Mexico Angel Tax Credit

One of the benefits that the New Mexico Angels offer is the State of New Mexico Angel Investment Credit.

This tax credit allows for an investor (who files a NM income tax return and is an accredited investor) to take a tax credit (not refund) of up to $25,000 (25% of an investment up to $100,000) for an investment made in a New Mexico company that is engaging in high-technology research or manufacturing. This credit can be claimed for up to two qualified investments in a taxable year, qualified that each investment is in a different qualified business. Any unused portion of the credit can be rolled over and applied for three consecutive years.

When companies present for investment, we will let you know if the investment is applicable for the tax credit.


If your investment is valid for the credit, fill out the following documents:


If your company received Angel funding and fits the criteria, fill out the following documents (note: section B must be filled out for each individual investor)

For more information go to:

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