Sandia unveils new tech transfer center

We at NMA are very excited about Sandia National Labs, the City of Albuquerque, and UNM’s partnerships. We hope that it will continue to foster innovation, commercialization and investable companies that create jobs for the New Mexico economy. Below is part of the article wrttien by Kevin Robinson Avila of the Albuquerque Journal.


“Sandia National Laboratories is taking its technology transfer efforts to the next level with plans for a one-stop shop for the lab’s tech-transfer programs  — located outside Kirtland Air Force Base. “We want to expand Sandia’s front door by creating an open and accessible environment at the Science and Technology Park,” lab director Paul Hommert said at a news conference Friday morning.The new center, to be known as C3, also will provide a central place for lab scientists and personnel to work directly in partnership with private investors, entrepreneurs, the state’s research universities and others to take new technologies to market, he said.

Recently, Sandia has been forging closer partnerships with public and private entities in Albuquerque. In September, for example, Sandia launched a new effort with the New Mexico Angels – a group of individual investors who pool their resources to build startup companies – to market select lab technologies.

“We’ve seen a real change at Sandia in the last year where they’re actively engaging investors and entrepreneurs in a way they hadn’t before,” said NM Angels President John Chavez. “Sandia is really getting on board.”

C3 will, for the first time, concentrate all of Sandia’s commercialization efforts outside the laboratory fence, providing much greater access by community partners to lab innovation and to the scientists behind the research, Hommert said.

John Freisinger, head of Technology Ventures Corp., which works to facilitate tech transfer at Sandia and other national laboratories, welcomed the move.

“A key component for businesses to get started is gaining access to lab ideas and scientists, and this really allows for that,” he said. “To access research and scientists today, you have to go through the Air Force base, the Department of Energy gate, and building security. With this center, it’s just one stop where you pull up to the parking lot and walk through the front door.””

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