Wake Up Motivated with VIZZIA Technologies

Wake up Motivated

New Mexico Angel investment company, VIZZIA Technologies was recently featured in the Santa Fe Reporter on how they stay motivated!

CEO Andrew Halasz says electronic sensors can help hospitals run better.
Charlotte Martinez

As a graduate of the University of New Mexico’s mechanical engineering program, Andrew Halasz relocated VIZZIA Technologies from Atlanta to Santa Fe last year, with the intent of improving state hospitals and developing sensor technology labs for future engineers.

Working with 20-some other employees from outside New Mexico, Halasz currently operates his company as a one-man show in Santa Fe, but he explains that most of his clientele are out of state. While those partnerships continue, Halasz says his company move presented a unique research opportunity, one that would have him partnering with his old alma mater at UNM and receiving help from New Mexico Angels, state-based investors focused on early-stage companies.

“It’s a little different because there’s a lot of stories about companies starting here and moving away,” says Halasz, “but I want us to be an important part of building a new business infrastructure here in New Mexico.” And with the additional help of a Venture Acceleration cash award, Halasz is confident that his infrastructure can expand to building a new lab for the engineering program at UNM.

“I want my company to participate in a new curriculum at the school,” Halasz says. “The sensor lab is the first step, but then we build a curriculum around the sensor systems, and then we, as a business, will continue to fund it.” Essentially, Halasz explains, while the students do the research, the company will improve their simulation data, which will “differentiate us,” Halasz says, and “fund more students to do more work.”

Meanwhile, Halasz says he and his team have already approached University Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque in hopes of bringing in their sample simulations to improve hospital efficiency.

The company’s goal is to “improve how health care is delivered,” says Halasz, and that starts with asset management, or the tracking of medical equipment in a hospital. Next is environmental monitoring, which uses sensors to monitor freezers, humidity, pressure and heating. Patient flow, the third area, helps in the tracking of patients, and the fourth and most important area is hygiene compliance, or the simple reminder to wash hands. “We don’t want this to be a Big Brother kind of thing,” Halasz says. “We want it to be a process improvement thing. So what we try to do is give people information in an automated way to help them do what they want to do, which is the right thing.”

Overall, the business owner says he really hopes in the end to make a difference. “I think the part that is essential for anyone to do well in a young business is you have to be a self-starter, and you have to wake up motivated to do what it is you’re seeking to do.”

– See more at: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/article-10647-start-me-up.html#sthash.6Z9PH6eQ.dpuf

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